Weeknotes 062

Happy Easter everyone. Hope you find some time to relax. This life is exhausting from time to time. Is it not? We are in the midst of our project „Die besseren Wälder“. We already let you catch a glimpse on our protagonist Ferdinand in 3D. We have been discussing what he is supposed to wear amongst other things. And - he got eyes

Linda flew to Tunis this week to join the Mobile Gaming Day at the Instiut National Des Sciences Appliquées Et De Technologie. She would like the whole team for making this an awesome stay. شكرا جزيلا لك! We are still jealous and hungry because we heared her talk about the Tunesian food like Chorba, Couscous, Harissa and beverages with nuts!

Oh. And one more thing. If you have not yet done it - please download Squirrel & Bär. We can offer an easter discount - for your pleasure.

Die besseren Wälder


Also erst mal Entschuldigung, die Linse des iPhones ist leicht lädiert. Passt aber. Wir berichten hier nämlich live aus der Werkstatt. Work in progress. Sie können hier schon mal einen Blick auf unseren Protagonisten Ferdinand erhaschen.

Noch nicht ganz fertig, aber 3D. Haben wir noch nie gemacht als the Good Evil. Das ändern wir jetzt mal direkt. Gut, dass wir uns tipptopp Sachverstand ins Haus geholt haben. Sowohl Renaud als auch Minh haben Erfahrung mit 3D.

Die nächsten Schritte: Ferdinand bekommt Augen, noch mehr zum Anziehen und dann - Platz lassen für einen kleinen Tusch - wird es ihn auch noch in einer Version als Schaf geben. Er kann sich verwandeln. Genau wie im Roman von Martin Baltscheit. Dauert noch ein bisschen….

Alle Infos zum Projekt genau hier #diebesserenwälder

Weeknotes 061

Another week ladies and gentlemen. It started with Linda and Marcus meeting in Berlin for an internal Game Design Workshop and a talk at the Quo Vadis Conference where - besides meeting heaps of games people - we held a talk about the New Serious Games Movement. 

After that we started travelling. Linda went to Paris to consult a client, while Marcus went to Gütersloh to conduct a workshop. Meanwhile Minh went to Berlin. Sounds crazy? Renaud held the line in the Cologne Headquarter where we all will meet again tomorrow. Stay tuned. Because the Squirrel & Bär Update 1.2 is on the way. And it will come with a surprise…

Die Waldpost von Squirrel & Bär hat den Außenposten Bangkok erreicht. Puuhhh. Gott sei Dank. Otis, Mia und Siri waren Testkinder der ersten Stunde. Danke sagen der Bär und das Squirrel. Und - Achtung Geheimnis - das nächste Update wartet bereits im App Store auf grünes Licht. Die Ostern-Spezial-Edition. Bald hier

Wir erwähnen es hier noch mal kurz. Wir beraten auch sehr gerne. Und erklären Ihnen zum Beispiel Gamification, Serious Games und Game Based Learning: Was das ist, was man damit machen kann, was es braucht und was man lieber bleiben lassen sollte. Gemacht haben wir das schon mal beim WDR, bei der Deutschen Welle, bei RTL, beim Goethe Institut und der Good School in Hamburg. Da hat Marcus gerade Gamification erklärt. Und Anna Lena Schiller hat alles aufgezeichnet. Bei Interesse: Schreiben Sie uns doch mal

Weeknotes 060

After having had a huge breakfast last week with Martin and Olaf we continued having food together as a team. And while Marcus is writing these lines in a shaky train with the slowest internet connection ever experienced by a human soul, he is still impressed by the talents his fellow colleagues have when it comes to transforming goods into delicious meals. 

Besides eating we have been working all week long. We defined new milestones for our current project „Die besseren Wälder“. And you already might have guessed - with new milestones come new work packages for each and everyone. Besides that - Linda has started testing and playing around with an Android export for our mobile learning game “Squirrel & Bär”. 

Marcus presented CC PLAY at a conference for archivists in Stuttgart and went on to talk about Gamification at the Good School in Hamburg. Coming up on the schedule: The Quo Vadis conference in Berlin next week. Come say ‘Hi’ if you like. Linda and Marcus will talk seriously about ‘Serious fun’.

Are you in Berlin next week? Come say ,Hi‘ if you are by any chance attending this years Quo Vadis Conference. Linda and Marcus will hold a talk on Serious Fun. How to publish a Mobile English Learning Adventure For Kids on April 8th.

The two founders - who both graduated at the Cologne Game Lab - present „Squirrel & Bär“ - an english learning adventure for kids aged 3-6. Learn more about the process of developing and publishing a Serious Games without an external publisher. Win insights for future projects. And get inspired.

Quo Vadis is one of the top three European games industry conventions. As Europe’s longest-standing professional game developers’ conference, Quo Vadis focuses in depth on all aspects of video game development and marketing, and addresses developers, publishers, decision-makers, researchers and young talents in the industry.

Insiders´ tip: It´s Marcus Birthday, so better bring a flower.  

Das sind unsere Ausmal-Postkarten von Squirrel & Bär inkl. Tierinformationen. Gibt’s in unserem Büro. —— Not only stickers but coloring / painting cards are waiting for you in our office. #squirrelbaer (hier: the Good Evil HQ)

Weeknotes 059

Wow. What a week. We had first good press coverage for Squirrel & Bär and very friendly feedback in general. Besides „Die Welt“ two major german kids and apps blogs wrote nice things about our two friends from the woods. Check Appgefahren and BesteKinderapps. 

On Thursday Linda and Marcus presented Squirrel & Bär at the Didacta  - the biggest international trade fair for education and training in Stuttgart. We spread the word, stickers and our fancy new business cards. We had been invited by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Thx!

The week ended with a big friday. First of all Olaf and Martin joined us in the office for an extensive workshop. We are already in the midst of our new project „Die besseren Wälder“. While Minh is designing characters and the world, Renaud is still setting up the system - right now taking care of things like the right camera position in the game. We discussed further milestones and tackled actual game design ideas.

After that friends, family, neigbhours, colleagues and a hell lot of kids came around for our „Squirrel & Bär“ Release Party. Thx so very much for the support guys! What else?

Update 1.1 is in the App Store now. Make sure to update „Squirrel & Bär“ - we took care of some bugs. And if you like it - please rate us. That is what people do read.